… to seize every opportunity, live for the moment and make sure that each experience is worth sharing!

Boston Urban Iditarod 2015

Can you believe it took us over 7 years to check this one off Captain Ahab’s List! Completely worth the wait! Maybe we will be promoted from interns next year so we don’t have to share a gun!

Ireland 2014

The PROJECT that made it all happen!

Blarney Castle/Stone, Giant’s Causeway, Irish Pubs, Cliffs of Mohar, Old Bushmills and 8x10s

And a VERY Special Thanks to…

Evan, Todd, Ron, Justin, Michael, Davincivirus, Leah, Gloria, Bron, Ruediger, Jenn W, Steva, Rory, Jenn G, Jessica, Anne, Russ, Ann, Lord Jeremy, The KoaMayas, Tim, Adriana, Jeanette, Curcio, Mindy, Ari, Ashley, Abhishek, Robert, Sarah and Rexford … for joining the crew on this adventure!!!

Cross Country 2011

10 Days … 15 States … Glacier National Park, Badlands National Park, Alcatraz Island National Park, Crater Lake National Park, Yellowstone National Park and so much more !!!

Find Your Excuse!

On multiple occasions recently I have been asked, “If you only could go on one last adventure…” or “Do you think when you get a real job this will all stop…” something along those lines. Basically it is the age old… If you knew when you were going to die what would you do/not do/change with your time left. Why… Read more →


“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” Someone asked us this week … “How do you convince people/places/etc. to let you do these things with Ahab?” The answer to that is very simple: WE ASK!! Literally everything we have done with Captain Ahab up to this point is because we took the first initiative. Believe it or not, the… Read more →