Ahab’s List

Ahab’s List is never ending and always evolving. If you want to see him accomplish something not on the list email us and we will add it! Making your own list is a great motivator.


  1. Ride in the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile
  2. Become a real life pirate
  3. Give a TEDx Talk
  4. Go bobsledding
  5. Be on a game show
  6. Raft the Futaleufu
  7. Road trip on a bike with a sidecar
  8. Be on a television show
  9. Make a movie cameo
  10. Convince LinkedIn to give us a profile
  11. Be a star in a movie
  12. Road trip cross country
  13. Road trip cross country 5 times
  14. Road trip Rt 66
  15. Get accepted in the Peace Corps
  16. Complete a Peace Corps tour
  17. Explore Mendenhall Glacial Caves
  18. Make a Kiva team that lends $1000
  19. Dive with sharks
  20. Jump out of a plane
  21. Fly first class
  22. Go white water rafting
  23. Get a college degree
  24. Speak in every state (16% Complete!)
  25. Go Bungee Jumping
  26. Go to space
  27. Speak in another country
  28. Go to Burning Man
  29. Complete a Color Run
  30. Hike Mt. Greylock
  31. Visit all 7 continents (3 Down!)
  32. Write a book
  33. Write a movie script
  34. Publish a book
  35. Be mentioned in a book
  36. Eat a garbage plate at Steve T’s
  37. Become a face of Mt. Rushmore
  38. Create Ahabfest
  39. Hot air balloon ride
  40. Visit Antelope Canyon and The Wave, Arizona
  41. Explore Walkins Glen, New York
  42. Take a boat ride underground
  43. Take a Bulleit
  44. Stare down a buffalo
  45. Visit The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
  46. Stop and smell the (Four) Roses
  47. Fill Ahab up at Willett
  48. Go on a date with Lady Liberty
  49. Visit New Zealand
  50. Pull a mood ring out of the World’s Largest Ball of Twine
  51. Not go in Mammoth Cave
  52. Explore Mammoth Cave
  53. Seven Wonders of the World
  54. Danali National Park
  55. Visit the Lagoon of the Gnomes
  56. Visit the Kennedy Space Center
  57. Isle of the Skye
  58. Score press passes to the New York Comic Con
  59. Color Run with a Mini
  60. Ride a camel
  61. Ride an elephant
  62. Visit Middle Earth
  63. Road trip through the Upper Penninsula
  64. Help a stranger
  65. Ahab PEZ dispenser
  66. See a car show in Phoenix
  67. Get a tattoo
  68. Goto the Bermuda Triangle
  69. The Partheon and Coliseum
  70. Find Atlantis
  71. U2 it at Joshua Tree
  72. Help a friend
  73. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  74. Visit Patagonia
  75. See the Fjords of Parque Pumalin
  76. Visit Costa Rica
  77. Have our portrait painted
  78. Make a comic series
  79. Visit the Bennington Monument
  80. Participate in Monster Jam
  81. Build a Lego/Mega Ahab
  82. Get a beer named after us
  83. Visit ol’ friends at Mystic Seaport
  84. Take the road less traveled at Two Roads Brewery
  85. Train as a stunt car driver
  86. Ride in a race car
  87. Go deep sea fishing
  88. Run a triathlon
  89. Visit 10 states
  90. Visit 20 states
  91. Visit 30 states
  92. Visit 40 states
  93. Visit all 50 states
  94. Taste clouds
  95. Visit the four corners of the continental United States- EAST SOUTH NORTH WEST
  96. Camp under the stars in Zion
  97. Command Ol’ Faithful to erupt in Yellowstone
  98. Admire the Tetons from a distance
  99. Hike in the Tantalus Range
  100. Visit another country
  101. Visit 10 countries (6 Down!)
  102. Visit 25 countries
  103. Visit 50 countries
  104. Visit 100 countries
  105. Make an Ahab Jolly Roger
  106. Forge an Ahab pirate ring
  107. Forge an Ahab pirate sword/dagger
  108. Wield a pirate sword/dagger
  109. Hike around Yosemite
  110. Look over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher
  111. Watch a sunset in the Badlands
  112. Win a boxing match
  113. Fly a helicopter
  114. Hike a 14er
  115. Go to the Olympics
  116. Ride a motorcycle
  117. Take a bath in a waterfall
  118. Take a ride in a combine
  119. Take a picture with a kangaroo
  120. Take a picture with Cy, ISU’s Mascot
  121. Visit Uppsala Sweden
  122. Visit Hagaparken Sweden
  123. Visit Djurgarden Sweden
  124. Visit Old Town, City Hall and The Royal Palace Stockholm Sweden
  125. Ride a roller coaster
  126. Wikipedia page for us
  127. Speak on a cruise ship
  128. Visit Easter Island
  129. Visit Machu Piccu
  130. Make a Movember team that raises funds and awareness
  131. Visit Allen’s Boots in Austin Texas
  132. Berkshire Brewing Company tour
  133. Ice skate Rockefeller Center
  134. Learn to play guitar/banjo
  135. Visit Columcille Megalith Park
  136. Carry out what you carry in at Bushkill Falls, PA
  137. Long Trail Brewery tour
  138. Raft the Grand Canyon
  139. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  140. Watch a football match in Europe
  141. Commandeer a cruise ship
  142. Have a chat with our nation’s leaders in D.C.
  143. Rock a Dew Tour
  144. Ride of a submarine
  145. Do a Polar Plunge
  146. X-Games
  147. Go to the Iowa State Fair and the butter cow
  148. Go to Disney
  149. Go on an Alaskan whale adventure
  150. Camp in the Outback
  151. Visit the whaling museum in New Bedford, MA
  152. Practice with a NBA team
  153. Visit the South Pole
  154. Visit the North Pole
  155. Fly in the Red Bull Flugtag
  156. Drink a grog at Southern Tier Brewing Company
  157. Canoe the Kazan River
  158. Visit Italy, Paris and Alaska
  159. Visit the Hoover Dam
  160. Top of Mt. Washington
  161. Win a Dog-a-thon
  162. Be a guest on the Tonight Show
  163. Be shot from a catipult
  164. Go inside the White House
  165. Take a picture in front of a Hobbit hole
  166. Visit Harry Potter World
  167. Visit Romania
  168. See the Northern Lights
  169. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  170. Spend 4th of July on the water
  171. Go to Mount Snow, but not to ski
  172. Sail around the world in a catamaran
  173. Backpack Europe
  174. Sail around the world
  175. Hitchhike
  176. Go crowdsurfing
  177. Survive San Diego Comic Con
  178. Get arrested in Bangkok
  179. Rob a Bank
  180. Snowboard Japan
  181. Have a party with a ball pit room
  182. Apprentice under a well-known writer
  183. Find out what “The Thing” is in the Southwest
  184. Hang out in Memphis
  185. Kayak the Zambezi
  186. Travel the huge malls in Japan
  187. Marvel upon the Golden Gate Bridge
  188. Pass through an arch at Arches National Park
  189. Hike all of Bryce Canyon
  190. Go big mountain skiing
  191. Visit the Pyramids
  192. Climb a volcano in Hawaii
  193. Backpack Mt. Whitney
  194. Go Surfing
  195. Visit Malta
  196. Be on the air (Radio)
  197. PeeWee’s Dinosaurs
  198. Photo opp in Rancho Cucamonga
  199. Twist and turn down Lombard St in San Francisco
  200. Visit Huacachina, Peru
  201. Visit Iceland
  202. Fly in a fighter jet
  203. Go to Hawaii
  204. Family reunion in the Petrified Forest of Arizona
  205. Go zip lining
  206. Climb one of the Seven Summits
  207. Octoberfest
  208. Walk the Silk Road
  209. Go to WrestleMania
  210. Sleep in a castle
  211. Visit Dracula’s Grave
  212. Be in a parade
  213. Drive a race car
  214. Attend the World Series
  215. Attend the Stanley Cup
  216. Go on a walkabout
  217. Sell lemonade
  218. Go to Germania
  219. Explore an underground cave
  220. Build a snow fort
  221. Watch a rocket launch
  222. Start a revolution
  223. Meet Rick Moranis
  224. Interact with the exhibits at the Berkshire Museum
  225. Sponsor a beer festival
  226. Survive Vegas
  227. Have a sit down with Blackbeard
  228. Boston Urban Iditarod
  229. Participate in a real Iditarod
  230. Steal a bride to be
  231. Move to British Columbia
  232. Release a #1 single
  233. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  234. See Jefferson’s Arch in St. Louis
  235. Get locked up on Alcatraz
  236. Learn old magic from Wizard’s Island in Crater Lake
  237. Be ice-locked out of seeing half of Glacier National Park
  238. Have a seat in the wishing chair at Giant’s Causeway
  239. Go to Pompeii
  240. Visit the Scotish Highlands
  241. Visit Stonehenge
  242. Create a successful Kickstarter
  243. Go to Venice for a piece of Morano Glass
  244. Complete a Vermont Brewery Passport
  245. Speak in front of a group of over 100 people
  246. Speak in front of a group of over 200 people
  247. Speak in front of a group of over 300 people
  248. Speak in front of a group of over 400 people
  249. Speak in front of 500 people
  250. Speak in front of 1000 people
  251. Do as many laps as we can around PAX EAST
  252. Meet Luke Skywalker
  253. Speak at a Pecha Kucha Event
  254. Speak on the Akron Civic Theatre stage
  255. Give a TED Talk
  256. Work at a summer camp
  257. Be known by name at Magic Hat
  258. Become miniaturized
  259. Try to understand art at MASS MoCA
  260. Spend a day walking around Montreal
  261. Give 10 talks
  262. Give 50 talks
  263. Give 100 talks
  264. See the Grand Canyon
  265. Be in 4 states at once
  266. Lose an afternoon on Beartooth Pass
  267. Enter/get kicked out/talk our way back in Niagara Falls
  268. Visit Tibet
  269. Ride a Bull
  270. Join a pirate cruise
  271. Get lost in the Old Port of Portland, Maine
  272. Explore Rt. 2 in and around the Berkshires
  273. Have a beer at the shipyard
  274. Meet the creator of Smarties
  275. Go(to) South of the Border
  276. Sample all of Otter Creek Brewery
  277. Be welcomed to dozens of places
  278. Start and end a year in Wilmington, North Carolina
  279. Speak in Ireland
  280. Visit Brazil
  281. Go Zorbing