Author: Geeg

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica 2018

Manuela Antonio was our unplanned home/office/workshop for half of our time in Costa Rica. Even though it is an incredibly small town, there are a vast number of adventures to experience here. We did as much as we could while actually taking a little R&R in for the first time in a long time on these trips. Manuel Antonio National Park, Hotel Costa Verde, Espadilla Beach, and Gran Gallo Sportfishing are just a few of the activities we highly recommend becoming involved with if you visit.

Peace Lodge & La Paz Waterfall Gardens Alajuela Costa Rica 2018

First stop on our ‘zero planning before jumping on a plane to Costa Rica’ adventure was at the Peace Lodge & La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Like most travelers, the quick research we did do involved visiting the company’s website and skimming photos and descriptions. Sadly, the website falls short in describing the amazing hotel and grounds – Disney could learn a thing or two about how to create a memorable experience from this place! We could have easily spent several days roaming the grounds, but Ahab said we only get a day. Shout out to Freddie, Daniel, and Dixon for making our stay lawn-gnome-friendly!


Mammoth Cave National Park 2017

In 2010 we were denied entry into Mammoth Cave and left the park with the first ‘No’, of the two total, in Ahab’s traveling career. After many years of planning, we were granted access to this amazing place! In the process, we really got to know a number of the park rangers involved with the care of this park and have an even bigger appreciation and better understanding for the parks service because of it.


Sometimes in life you are not going to be able to accomplish your goals instantly and you have to work even harder to achieve those that are out of reach… even if it takes 7 years!!!