Category: 2019

Tanglewood Massachusetts 2019

We enjoyed two separate nights at Tanglewood this month. One evening listening to the Boston Pops Orchestra playing the score to Star Wars: A New Hope. The other was obviously John Williams’ Film Night with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or company while checking this adventure off the list!

Echo Lake Vermont 2019

We took a page out of the first-generation’s playbook to celebrate the start of year 17 for Ahab and I.

Step 1: Find a cabin (with no service)

Step 2: Trick some friends to join you

Step 3: Play a lot of card games

Step 4: Have a little too much fun

Step 5: Center it around a lawn gnome that makes it all possible


We did a lot of adventuring on this trip, but in true first-generation fashion, we didn’t take any pictures. Okay, obviously I am not a saint and we took one. Besides that, all we have from this trip are stories that will be “big-fished” each time they are remembered and shared!