Find Your Excuse!

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On multiple occasions recently I have been asked, “If you only could go on one last adventure…” or “Do you think when you get a real job this will all stop…” something along those lines. Basically it is the age old… If you knew when you were going to die what would you do/not do/change with your time left.

Why does it take being out of something, like time, to make you want to spend it more wisely? I say that as a question, but we all know the answer. It could be anything from money to lives in a video game and it is the same outcome. But I ask you, “Why not make the changes and do the things you’ve been dreaming of just because you can?”

The point I am getting at is to Find Your Excuse… and start using it.

I have been using Ahab to lure my friends into adventuring with me for longer than I can remember. Yes that’s right, I use a lawn gnome to straight up bait my friends to get out and do. Do you think anyone would want to go on a random three hour car ride for a picture of me standing next to the world’s largest ball of string otherwise?

No, they wouldn’t. Ahab is three feet and forty pounds of amazing incentive to override barriers like, “I don’t have the time, money, or my girlfriend/boyfriend won’t let me” when I ask and it works.

If you want to go white water rafting, what do you think your chances of stumbling into a rapid are just by thinking it? You don’t need a goofy looking statue or to change your whole life around to complete goals you have had for a long time. You also don’t really need a punk like me telling you things you already know, now do you….? Find your own excuse; make a little extra time to use it, and starting doing more!