Gatorland Florida 2021

Captain Ahab loves all his 200+ adventures equally, but every once in a while one comes along that joins his ‘Top 10‘. Gatorland joins this group without question.

Within 5 minutes of walking through the gate Diane, the 3rd generation caretaker of Gatorland, picked us out of the early morning crowd. We started trading stories back and forth about our grandfathers and the similarities in their passions.

Before she left us to start her day, she then asked Scott, the gator whisperer, and Casey to give us a tour of the park. Little did we know that meant Ahab would get closer than any normal visitor usually does. We couldn’t understand the language Scott was using with the gators, but they listened and reacted. The information they gave us as the tour went on would make anyone in their presence want to join the Gatorland family!

Any time we are visiting central Florida we will not pass up the chance to spend more time with the caretakers of this place and the amazing creatures that call this place home, especially since so many of them will be around as long as Ahab will be!