What better way to check off items from your bucket list than by doing it Ahab-style! One of our main missions is to “make sure that each experience is worth sharing.” So naturally, we’d love for you to join us for:


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Previous Adventures of the Group Variety :


White Water Rafting Trip on the Deerfield River: September 10th, 2016

Eighteen brave souls joined us for this epic rafting adventure! Coldwater, big waves, grilled food, refreshing beer and, as a surprise bonus, fire spinning that evening!!

Captain Ahab of Ahab's Adventures white water rafting the Dryway with Zoar Outdoor 2016

“Capturing the spirit of “Commandeer Life,” Ahab is the embodiment of so many individuals. Sure, I have a bucket list that I’ve been periodically checking off year after year, but not like Ahab. Surrounding Ahab is a passionate group of amazing individuals with equally amazing stories, aspirations, and life paths. Inevitably there is the moment when you realize Ahab is like gravity, pulling you in a direction you can’t see for a journey you wanted to take all your life.

My Ahab experience is equally memorable for completing my bucket list item as it was sharing the experience with his followers. I encourage anyone who has a curiosity of the possible, a passion for life, and an inner adventurer to join Ahab’s crew. I promise you won’t regret it.”  -Justin


Skydiving at Jumptown April 16th, 2016:

What an amazing group adventure! We thought we would start with a challenging one, being our premier venture. Nine brave souls joined Ahab to check skydiving off their bucket lists at Jumptown! Here is a link to ‘the album‘ from the event and check out Ahab’s jump below!


“Without Ahab’s Adventures pulling strings to organize this event in conjunction with Jumptown, to offer a handsomely discounted rate, to bring the group of mostly strangers together for this incredible excursion, I doubt I would have gone skydiving in the near future… Ahab’s Adventures didn’t just plan a skydiving event, but gave me and everyone who participated the resources they needed to move beyond their limitations, greater awareness of what’s possible, and an unforgettable day.”    – Sarah

“Geeg Wiles and Captain Ahab, both of Ahab Adventures, were the catalysts for me to finally get sky diving checked off my bucket list. It was a thrilling experience and could not have been better! I was greeted upon my arrival and, as the day’s events unfolded, Geeg & Ahab were nearby with encouragement. I highly recommend both Ahab Adventures and, if you want to try sky diving, Jumptown. Thanks Geeg & Ahab- I’m looking forward to my next big adventure!”    -Judy

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to cross an item off of my bucket list! I had been wanting to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for a few years, but the opportunity never neatly presented itself, until a friend shared your sky diving event. All I had to do was make a reservation and you handled the rest. What a FABULOUS experience. Thanks again!”    -Deb