Mt. Kilimanjaro Day 4 Tanzania Africa 2022

Mount Kilimanjaro Day 4 – Moir Camp to Lava Tower to Baranco Camp (4114m-4600m-3900m)

Day 4 was a big acclimation day for us. The goal was to spend the afternoon at 4600m at the Lava Tower Camp. We had lunch and “sunbathed” while looking up at Kilimanjaro. It looked so close, but it was still quite far away. This day was the clearest and most beautiful overall day of the trip.

The colors were 90% grey, brown, and white. At this point in the trip we could feel the isolation of the mountain. Kilimanjaro was always there when we looked up. Luckily, the conversations with new friends on the trail and the family meals in the mess tent took our minds off of it.

What an exciting feeling it was to physically and mentally know we were completely out of our comfort zone!