Mt. Kilimanjaro Day 5 Tanzania Africa 2022

Mount Kilimanjaro Day 5 – Baranco Camp to Karaga Camp (3900m-3995)

Over the last four days we had slowly been winning over the hearts and minds of our group guides and porters and other ones all over the mountain. The Baranco Wall is where we won over the rest! Granted, most of them were excited to see us succeed even though some had lost wagers because we were still climbing!

Before the trip we had (mis)read about the Baranco Wall. We thought it was this short narrow walkway around a single large boulder in the rock face on a “steep” trail. In fact, that was only one small section of a 300m rock ledge which we had to climb as much with our hands as our feet!

We reached the top of the Baranco Wall and were rewarded with a view! After a quick picture, the pack came off for a well earned break.

Not long into the break our guides were taking turns taking pictures of each other with Ahab. It only took 4 days and a 1000ft cliff to get them on our side!

We had a few more hours of hiking left after that, but the sunset against the mountain as we settled in made it all worth it.