Mt. Kilimanjaro Day 8 Tanzania Africa 2022

Mt. Kilimanjaro Day 8

Mount Kilimanjaro Day 8 – Mweka Camp to Mweka Park Gate

The 4 hour hike to the gate was filled with laughter and stories. After being 3000m higher the day before, this hike was a piece of cake! It stayed this way for 3 hours as the trail got wider and wider.

The only thing that could have stopped the laughter and stories finally caught up with us as the first truck passed us on the trail… we were back in the world. It was confirmed by the exit sign to the national park that came shortly after.

Luckily, they had Kilimanjaro Premium Lager for sale right outside of the gate. We properly cheers’ed as a group to all we had accomplished over the passed week!