New Year’s Resolution

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Today is the day I completed another New Year’s Resolution! For those of you who don’t personally creep my Facebook page 24/7, the resolution was to do 20,000 push-ups.

AND… yes, I am checking it off with a left-handed check!

Though if you have read the pieces like this I have posted, you will be starting to ponder when I am going to reveal that this, as usual, is not about me … it is about YOU!

AND … you may ponder no more!

The things I do are not because I am, in the least bit, skeptical I can do them. They are to show you that if SOMEONE can do them, ANYONE can!

What I am really trying to tell you is, this year, instead of making that pointless resolution that you are knowingly going to give up on before you even start, be creative and invest in yourself for once because the only one to blame for not completing your goals is YOU.

AND… that’s enough about you… let’s talk AHAB!

The one ongoing resolution since we started Ahab’s Adventures is that we have to grow bigger than the year before. This coming year will be no different. We have been talking to people who are, people who care about us, people far away, people who are curious, people who think outside the box, and people who are just…people.

The one thing they all have in common is that they have all invested time into us and this year, more than ever, it will show…