“The reminder in your pocket, for the goal in your head, that you carry in your heart.”

For the last 79 years, an investment in Ahab has been an investment in yourself.

Those words were never more true than they are today.

Why Acquire Ahab Marked Silver

Each piece holds/gains value.

A fun pirate-themed way to teach/practice investing and piracy with children and adults alike.

You are literally investing in yourself and the goal you tie to your silver!


Our pieces are only #pouredbypirates

Our pieces are stamped with their weight, purity, captain’s log serial number, and the mark of the pirate that poured it.

The pieces have been on an adventure with Captain Ahab prior to leaving his treasure chest.

How to Acquire

Ahab’s Silver is acquirable two ways:

 The only guaranteed way to get your cut of the treasure is by bribing (subscribing) your way to it. The longer you keep the bribe going, the more surprise perks you’ll receive over time. This ongoing series of treasures is labeled with an ‘X’ serial number.

The other way is through our Instagram page, @ahabstreasurechest. From time to time throughout the year we pour for the annual series. The only guarantee you have at getting one this way is through adamantly being on the lookout!

Current Series

2023-2024 – C – 11 of 13 Pieces (7 of 9 OZT)

Ongoing (Subscription) Series

Est. 2023 – X Series – 18 Pieces (30 OZT)

Closed Series

 2021-2022 – A – 55 pieces (52 OZT)

2022-2023 – B – 58 Pieces (42 OZT) (2 Custom)

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