What exactly is Ahab’s Adventures you ask…?

Ahab’s Adventures chronicles the life of Captain Ahab, a 3-foot tall, 43-pound, bright yellow, wooden fisherman/wannabe pirate.

Many have been fortunate enough to meet The Captain thus far in his eighty years of adventuring and have seen firsthand his amazing ice-breaking abilities.  He has an energy surrounding him causing big smiles and bigger laughs, which lead to questions, friendships, and a loyal following.

Captain Ahab inspires people to stop watching and start participating.  He’s on a mission to show that if he can accomplish the things on his bucket list, then ANYONE can. That is what Ahab’s Adventures is all about: motivating people to COMMANDEER LIFE!!!

For those of you who have an excusable reason why you cannot travel, or for those who are straight-up too lazy, we invite you to come along on our travels vicariously through this website.

We’re in search of fun and adventure while helping those in motivational distress and promoting good causes along the way. Who knows where it will ultimately lead us but we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, too.

Ahab, myself, and the rest of his crew are strongly encouraging, if not straight-up daring, you to: turn a stranger into a friend, do something you have always wanted to do, volunteer, and if it’s not too much to ask… be a little greener. After all, Ahab’s adventures are only a small part of a larger adventure that hopefully, you won’t be missing out on for much longer.


Geeg Wiles – 1st Mate of Ahab’s Adventures

Feats of Piracy

Our Storytelling History


Sept. 29th – Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

June 16th – Payette Brewing Company – Release Party


November 20th – The SJ Childs Show – (21:44)

Sept. 30th – Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

January 25th – Private event – Moir Camp, My. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa


Sept. 30th – Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

Sept. 27th – Hoosac Valley Middle and High School

May 30th – Tribe of Unicorns – (36:33)

April 21st – Gritty Mystic – (34:24)

March 20th – The Independent Mouth Podcast (2:31:19)

February 27th – Passports and Postcards (27:53)

January 4th – The Creative Commute (38:04)


December 9th – Stranger Connections (31:48)

December 1st – The Lisa Show on BYU Radio

November – Kleidon’s Three for Three

November 18th – Better Call Daddy (33.51)

Oct – Maverick Mondays (Not published yet)

September 15th – Getting2knowupod Podcast (Full Version 173.56)

September 14th – Getting2knowupod Podcast (Short Story Version 22m)

September 9th – Wednesday Wisdom

July 30th – Strategic Possibilities Podcast with Emmett Ferguson (36.44)

Feb 1st – Selfcare and Wellness Festival – Easthampton, MA


August 30th – Hoosac Valley Middle & High School – Cheshire, MA

March 7th – PechaKucha Night: Adulting is Hard – Berkshire Museum, MA


September 5th – Hoosac Valley Middle & High School – Cheshire, MA

June 12th – Nashua, NH

May 19th – Westfield, MA

April 28th – Masonic Con

April 27th – Green Mountain College

March 24th – New England Brotherhood Night – Concord, NH

February 7th – 1 Million Cups – Franklin Falls, NH

January 13th – East Longmeadow, MA


November 28th – Newton, MA

October 26th – Marion, MA

October 25th – Attleboro, MA

October 24th – North Adams, MA

October 23rd – Lowell, MA

October 19th – Warren, MA

October 17th – Monson, MA

October 12th – Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School – Northampton, MA

September 28th – East Bridgewater, MA

September 24th – Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts – North Adams, MA

August 31st – Hoosac Valley Middle & High School – Cheshire, MA

August 26th – Southern Vermont College

July 18th – Berkshire Historical Society @ Arrowhead

June 12th – Drury High School

May 20th – TEDxAkron

March 15th – Discussing Fitchburg Now!


October 12th – Northern Michigan University

October 5th – Saint Anselm College

September 1st – Hoosac Valley Middle & High School

August 18th-20th – Western State Colorado University Orientation

June 23rd – Fitchburg Massachusetts Speaking Event

May 12th – Fleming Art Museum, VT

April 29th – Martha’s Vineyard, MA

February 18th – Berkshire Museum, MA

February 11th – Portsmouth, NH

February 5th – Akron, OH